Undergraduate Medical Education

Volunteer Opportunities

Humana People To People - http://www.humanapeopletopeople.org/External Site / New Window

Visions in Action - http://www.visioninaction.org/External Site / New Window

Institute for International Cooperation and Development - http://www.iicd-volunteer.org/External Site / New Window

Eco Volunteers - http://www.ecovolunteer.org/External Site / New Window

Volunteer Organizations - http://www.workingabroad.com/organis/organis.htmExternal Site / New Window

Action Without Borders - http://www.idealist.org/External Site / New Window

Global Volunteers - http://www.globalvolunteers.org/External Site / New Window

OneWorldVolunteers (Action for Peoples in Conflict) -

http://www.oneworld.net/External Site / New Window

Council on International Educational Exchange - http://www.ciee.org/External Site / New Window

Peace Corps - http://www.peacecorps.gov/External Site / New Window

Transition Abroad -Oppotunities with learning a language program component  -

http://www.transitionsabroad.comExternal Site / New Window

United Nations Volunteers - http://www.unv.org/External Site / New Window

Habitat for Humanity - http://www.habitat.org/intl/External Site / New Window

Help build houses in many countries

Volunteers for Peace - http://www.vfp.org/ External Site / New Window

Opportunities to volunteer in work camps with students/children.

Earth Watch - http://www.earthwatch.org/External Site / New Window

Promotes sustainable development of natural resources and cultural heritage projects.

Green Volunteers - http://www.greenvol.com/External Site / New Window

Volunteer opp. in Nature and how to work your way around the world.

Food for the Hungry - http://www.fh.org/ External Site / New Window

Sponsor a child and volunteer overseas.

Links to larger databases with volunteer opportunities and internships

http://www.campusaccess.com/internships/External Site / New Window

http://www.isp.msu.edu/ncsa/volteer.htmExternal Site / New Window

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