Undergraduate Medical Education

Recommended Books


  1. Textbook of Travel Medicine and Health Dupont and Steffen
  2. Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual Jong
  3. The Safe Travel Book Peter Savage
  4. International Travel Health Guide Stuart Rose
  5. Tropical Medicine Manson

Three very practical guides from the Hesperian Foundation for teaching Community Health Workers (1919 Addison St. Suite 304, Berkeley, CA 94704. Ph: (510) 845-4507. Email: hesperian@hesperian.org)

  1. Where There is No Doctor Werner
  2. Where Women Have No Doctor Burns (Family Planning, Women Empowerment, and STD's)
  3. Disabled Village Children Werner

Bare minimum of clinical books to take overseas:

  1. Washington Mutual
  2. Control of Communicable Disease Manual Chin James, ed., 17th ed., pp. 624 This small paperperback is "the standard bearer for public health professionals in managing communicable diseases." Each entry has disease name/ numeric code according to WHO system, identification, infectious agents, occurrence, reservoir, mode of transmission, incubation, period of communicability, susceptibility and resistance and methods of control.
  3. Sanford Guide
  4. Pharmacopoeia

See the International Medical Volunteers Association's (www.imva.orgExternal Site / New Window) bibliography section for a very complete list of books separated into different categories.

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