Undergraduate Medical Education

UCSD Requirements and Forms

Start by reading the guidelines that have been compiled under Instructions for Students wishing to Pursue Education Experiences in Other Countries. There are two forms you must turn in to ensure credit for an elective done overseas. The Study Abroad Checklist must be completed once and for EACH elective you must fill out an Extramural International Elective Form (otherwise known as "Blue Form") with the appropriate signatures. Begin this paperwork at least a few months before your departure, taking into account slow correspondence. The other requirement is proving you have adequate health insurance, which includes at least: personal health and travel insurance, emergency medical intervention, evacuation, treatment and safe return home (refer to the section Travel Clinic). If you plan to extend or alter you schedule during the fourth year, you must meet with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education to get approval.

As a reminder to all students, these are the requirements for graduation:

  1. Students are expected to be enrolled full-time for seven out of eight quarters in Years III and IV.
  2. In a regular fourth year curriculum, students shall be enrolled in clerkships or other academic study for nine months. Of  those nine months, six must be clinical clerkships (three of the six must be Direct Patient care completed at UCSD). The remaining three may be clinical clerkships or other academic study (such as the ISP -- see below -- or other research).
  3. In a regular fourth year, students may take up to three electives away from UCSD. To receive credit, you must be enrolled and paying tuition and fees. A process is in place for getting the approval of your advisor and for international clerkships, the international clerkship advisor and a UCSD faculty for the equivalent UCSD course (see Adrianne Edwards in UGME).
  4. Clinical Practice Exam- one half-day session given during July. You must take and pass this exam; if remediation of all or a part is required, a student cannot take an away clerkship until successful remediation has been completed.
  5. USMLE Step 2CK- Must be taken within 3 months of completing third year clerkships; Passing this exam is a requirement for graduation.  Step 2CS must be completed by the end of the Fall Quarter and must be passed to graduate.
  6. California State Licensure Requirement - Satisfactory completion of one month of a Family Medicine Clerkship.  If you are/were assigned a Family Medicine preceptor for your third year Primary Care Clerkship, you have satisfied this requirement.

Note: students must be enrolled and paying tuition/fees in order to be covered by university insurances, including liability insurance and malpractice insurance.

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