Undergraduate Medical Education

Exam Proctoring

All School of Medicine examinations are proctored by the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Office proctoring staff. 

Seating assignments are generally given out prior to the day of the exam in order to ensure spacing of students is optimal, within the constraints of the testing room. Only writing implements and test materials are allowed on student desks. Calculators are only to be used when specifically designated by the instructor.  All examinations have a uniform “start time” and “end time.”  If a student must leave the room to use the restroom, he/she signs out on the board at the front of the room and erases his/her name when he/she returns. The proctor will monitor the situation at all times. Only one person will be out of the room at any one time. There is no extra time allotted for the completion of the exam for restroom breaks or if a student arrives late to the examination. 

Proctors are responsible for ensuring that all examination restrictions and requirements are enforced on the day of exams and that students take the examination within the allotted time. 

For further information, please contact Jennifer Denson at jdenson@ucsd.edu.

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