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Undergraduate Medical Education

Student Standing Committees

Standing and Promotions Committee

The Standing and Promotions Committee (SPC), comprised of preclinical and clinical faculty, is concerned with the academic performance of students in both clinical and non-clinical courses. The SPC is charged with examining the records of all students at the end of each quarter and making decisions regarding future course work for students who experience academic difficulties. The SPC is also charged with determining that a student is ready for promotion to subsequent years, and with examining the records of each student prior to graduation and certifying to the Faculty Council that the requirements for the M.D. degree at the UCSD School of Medicine have been met. Finally, the SPC is charged with reviewing charges of academic dishonesty.

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Ad Hoc Committees

Occasionally situations arise regarding student matters which do not clearly fall under the purview of the Standing and Promotions Committee. In such cases, Ad Hoc committees comprised of pre-clinical and clinical course chairs will review the situation and determine the appropriate course of action.

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