Medical Education Technology and Evaluation


Students: Check out this instructional guide to select additional faculty for your evaluations.

New UCSD School of Medicine OASIS Feature

Complete Evaluations Without the Need to Login! 

Effective Friday, February 9, 2018:  A login is no longer required to complete OASIS evaluations listed in the email notification sent from the OASIS system.

In the email message, scroll down and click on the URL for the desired evaluation to complete, and that evaluation form will be launched online.

Please Note: Pick-List evaluations still require you to log into OASIS first to select the individuals to evaluate.

In addition, to edit the evaluation or access any other parts of OASIS, please log into OASIS [ ].
Use your UCSD Active Directory (AD) username/password. Contact for assistance.

Below, in the example of an OASIS Notify email, the non-login evaluation URL's are indicated by the arrows.

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