Medical Education Technology and Evaluation



  • Add the OASIS login page to your internet browser Favorites or Bookmarks.
  • Recommended PC internet browsers for OASIS are Mozilla Firefox External Site / New Window , Chrome and Internet Explorer External Site / New Window
  • Recommended MAC internet browser for OASIS is Safari External Site / New Window
  • Keep your computers' operating system and internet browsers updated with their latest versions
  • Fill in your evaluations as they become available to reduce impact during exams


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If you have an email account in the Active Directory (AD) system at UCSD, try to login using those credentials first - using the top URL. The same username/password used to login to UCSD WebMail.
    If you do not remember your UCSD AD/email password, you can reset your UCSD AD/email password HERE.

    If you cannot login to UCSD WebMail above, then use the lower URL with the information sent from OASIS.

    Non-UCSD clients (or UCSD clients without an AD account) can use the "Forgot your password?" link to have your login information sent to your email address.
  2. OASIS maintains a list for you of evaluations you were assigned but did not complete before the evaluation closed. Your list can be found by logging into your OASIS account, then then clicking on the link under the "Completed Evaluations" or "Evaluations to Complete" box. Once you are in the evaluations screen click on the "Show Submitted and Closed" link..
  3. Coming soon!


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