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Standardized Patient Information Form

Standardized Patient Information Form

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1. How did you hear about our program?* (If referred by a current SP, please list their name):

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2. Do you know any UCSD medical students?*
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3. Do you currently work for UCSD?*
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4. Do you receive or have you received compensation (i.e. salary, cash, benefits, stipend, lodging) in any form from UCSD, outside of the Standardized Patient Program?*
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5. Have you ever worked as an SP before?*
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If yes, at what program or university and when?

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6. Do you have any acting or teaching experience?*
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If yes, please give more information.

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7. Do you speak any languages, other than English, fluently? (Do not comment if your proficiency is only at a conversational level.)
8. Are you 18 years or older?*
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9. Are you authorized to work in the U.S.?*
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10a. Our students may conduct a focused physical exam on you. You may be required to dress in a hospital gown wearing only your undergarments. Students are NOT allowed to do pelvic, rectal, genital or breast (female) exams. Are you comfortable with this?*
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10b. Women Only: Would you be willing to be considered for roles which require you to be braless?
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(We need to ask about any physical findings that a student might discover while examining you if you are hired to portray a case that includes a physical exam. All information is kept confidential.
11. Do you have any significant scars, rashes, tattoos, or conditions such as deafness, muscle weakness, heart murmur, high blood pressure, etc. that would be obvious if a student examines you during a physical exam?*
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The following information is VOLUNTARY, but would help us match you to specific patient roles:
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