The Network Provides the Following Services

Technical Training
We provide training and mini-residency programs on a regional basis in areas such as: trauma response and emergency management; substance abuse; and infectious disease treatment and prevention.

Annual Conferences
Our conferences focus on healthcare topics such as trauma and emergency services; infectious diseases; alcohol/drug addiction; occupational health and managed care.

Leadership Training
We teach effective leadership skills for healthcare professionals in areas such as business administration, organizational development, marketing, finance, and information systems management.

Educational Exchange
The UCSD and UABC schools of medicine in collaboration with the University of Texas, El Paso and the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez are developing cooperative educational exchange programs for physicians, nurses and medical students and other healthcare professionals in areas such as genetics, nutrition, health promotion, primary care, pediatrics, infectious diseases, migrant health and indigenous populations, immunology, chronic disease treatment, cardiovascular disease, geriatrics, epidemiology, public health and occupational and environmental health.
Dr. Eduardo Tanori and UCSD Medical Students at Escondido Health Fair during the Binational Migrant Health Week.