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Informatics Curriculum
The HCOE Medical Informatics Curriculum is specifically designed to provide HCOE scholars with the skills and knowledge in computing and communication technologies necessary to make them effective and competitive faculty, researchers, and physicians practicing in the 21st century.

The School of Medicine's Office of Educational Technology (MedEDTech) is the hub of all computing and communications-based activities for the HCOE scholars. The MedEDTech serves the medical and graduate students, residents, staff, and the teaching faculty of the School of Medicine. The MedEDTech's Educational Technology activities support a computer classroom located on the La Jolla campus as well as numerous satellite facilities at a variety of locations around San Diego County. The MedEDTech provides computer accounts to all HCOE scholars which enable ready-access to instructional materials, on-line references, library systems, computer-based applications, electronic mail, and internet based curricular resources.

The MedEDTech and UCSD's Biomedical Library also offers workshops and individual assistance to the HCOE scholars. Physicians practicing in the under-served communities in San Diego County can also take advantage of many of these information resources.

Clinical Experience
All graduates of the School of Medicine are exposed to cross-cultural issues relevant to health service delivery to Hispanic patients through an Aspects of Medicine section entitled "Doctor-Patient Relationship" which is required for all first year medical students.

The HCOE has increased the number of clinical training opporunities in the Hispanic community. Medical students, residents, and undergraduates are trained in community clinics, school based health care and private physician offices that serve Hispanic patients.

In cooperation with the Hispanic Education Training Center, an HCOE teacher conducts weekly "Spanish in the Patient Care Setting" at the UCSD Medical Center for students and faculty.

Faculty and Student Research Course
The HCOE has designed a Research and Experimental Design course for Scholars and faculty with little or no previous research experience. This training is provided in order to increase the number of publications dealing with the health care issues of Hispanic and under-represented minorities, the number of Hispanic medical students and others engaged in research related to these health care issues, and to provide resources for research. The course is available for 8 weeks and is taught in the HCOE Laboratory. The HCOE research schedules provide for a continuous experience throughout the Scholar's medical training.

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