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Faculty & Staff

Sandra Daley, M.D., Program Director, sdaley@ucsd.edu

Percy J Russell, Ph.D., Labratory Director and Instructor, prussell@ucsd.edu

Greg Talavera, M.D., Research Coordinator, gtalavera@ucsd.edu

Ellen Beck, M.D., Community Site Director, ebeck@ucsd.edu

Helene Hoffman, Ph.D., Medical Informatics Director, hhoffman@ucsd.edu

Vivian Reznik, M.D., Academic File Coordinator, vreznik@ucsd.edu

Isabelle Azzoo, Program Coordinator, iazzoo@ucsd.edu

Judith McGilvray, Assistant Program Manager, jmcgilvray@ucsd.edu

Anita Williams, Laboratory Manager, akwilliams@ucsd.edu

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