Lectures in Respiratory PhysiologyJohn B. West MD, PhD

Lectures in Respiratory Physiology

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  1. Structure and Function of the Lung YouTube Duration: 41:52
  2. Ventilation YouTube Duration: 35:25
  3. Blood Gas Transport YouTube Duration: 41:55
  4. Acid-Base Balance YouTube Duration: 49:53
  5. Diffusion YouTube Duration: 49:28
  6. Pulmonary Blood Flow YouTube Duration: 52:04
  7. Pulmonary Gas Exchange I YouTube Duration: 61:56
  8. Pulmonary Gas Exchange II YouTube Duration: 55:54
  9. Mechanics of Breathing I YouTube Duration: 46:57
  10. Mechanics of Breathing II YouTube Duration: 54:28
  11. Control of Ventilation YouTube Duration: 60:01
  12. Defense Systems of the Lung YouTube Duration: 46:27
  13. Respiration Under Stress YouTube Duration: 55:30
  14. Respiration at the Limit YouTube Duration: 51:15
A description of the lectures and why they were developed can be seen here PDF.

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