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Community Partners

San Diego County Department of Public Health

UCSD and SDSU have a longstanding relationship with the County Department of Public Health through its ten-year collaborative partnership with San Diego County's Department of Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA). HHSA is composed primarily of the Department of Social Services, Public Health Services, and Mental Health Services. The Department of Social Services provides a wide range of services and programs that assist the County's indigent, disabled and elderly. The Department of Public Health Services is responsible for improving the health of the residents of San Diego County by carrying out statutes and regulations of the Federal and State governments as well as ordinances and policies of the Board of Supervisors that relate to health care. The original San Diego EXPORT Center partnered with the County to form the Reduce or Eliminate Health Disparities Initiative (REHDI), a public-private collaborative coordinated by the county.

San Diego Council of Community Clinics

The Council of Community Clinics (CCC) is a private, nonprofit association composed of 20 community health center corporations operating more than 70 primary care sites throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties. The focus of the CCC's mission is to support all of its member community health centers in their respective missions to maintain access to quality, low cost health care services for low income and uninsured persons. San Diego's community health centers serve almost 15% of San Diego's population each year by providing over 1 million patient visits to over 400,000 individuals. The original San Diego EXPORT Center provided seed money to the Council for the creation of a data warehouse that tracks the health status information of patients.

The San Diego Foundation

The San Diego Foundation is San Diego's leading resource for information about charitable giving and community needs. The Foundation encourages and supports meaningful dialogue on issues affecting San Diego communities and works with philanthropists to develop creative solutions to meet critical community needs. The new UCSD CRCHD supports students and faculty to conduct evaluations of community-based programs coordinated by the Foundation.

Since its inception in 1975, the San Diego Foundation has helped public-spirited citizens find ways to address community problems. The funds managed now number more than 1,050. Through them, donors support numerous organizations and serve a variety of community needs. Donors and funds all share a common purpose: to make San Diego a better place in which to live, work and play.


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