Pilot Reseach Projects

Pilot Research provides a viable and effective method of encouraging and developing new research and feasibility studies concerned with reducing health disparities in the San Diego area. The UCSD-CRCHD funded studies explore new directions, employ unique scientific approaches, and are expected to develop into independently-funded research projects.

The UCSD CRCHD has funded five groups of Pilot Projects:

        5th Cycle Awardees: 2009-2011
  • Daniel Calac, MD:  Fatty liver among adolescent American Indians of the Indian Health Council.
  • Sheila Gahagan, MD, MPH:  Vida Saludable — an obesity prevention program for low-income Hispanic mothers and their children.
        4th Cycle Awardees: 2007-2009
  • David Folsom, MD, MPH:  Quality of Care for Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Latinos Taking Antipsychotics.
  • Claude Sirlin, MD:  Assessment of Fatty Liver Disease in Hispanics Using an Experimental MR Imaging Technique.
  • Wilma Wooten, MD, MPH:  Assessing Barriers to Treatment for HIV in African Americans in San Diego.
        3rd Cycle Awardees: 2004-2007
  • Maria Rosario Araneta, PhD:  Adipocytokines and Other Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease in African-American Women.
  • Jeffery Schwimmer, MD:  The Genetics of Adiponectin and Cardiovascular Risk in Obese Mexican American and African American Children
  • Andrés Sciolla, MD:  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) To Decrease Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Risk Behaviors among Latino Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM).
        2nd Cycle Awardees: 2003-2006         1st Cycle Awardees: 2002-2005
  • Shelia Broyles, PhD, MPH:  Feasibility of Implementing an Enhanced Health Curriculum in Head Start Centers Serving Predominantly Mexican-American Preschoolers and their Families.
  • María Luisa Zúñiga, PhD:  Barriers and Facilitators to Recruitment of Hispanics Into HIV/AIDS Clinical Research Studies.

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