Public Information Internship

The Comprehensive Research Center in Health Disparities (CRCHD), together with the UC San Diego Office of the Chancellor, offers an internship for college students interested in journalism, public information, or public health. Since 2002, the Public Information Internship (PII) has partnered with local and ethnic media, university researchers, and clinicians, to engage undergraduate and graduate students in the program. Interns learn and write about education, research, and service in the health care sector that address disparities, social justice, and equity issues within and surrounding the UC San Diego county.

Student articles have been printed in La Prensa, The Star News, El Latino, Salud-Health Information Magazine, Gay and Lesbian Times, The Mid-City Journal, and The North County Times.

The internship is a unique opportunity for students from a variety of majors to investigate health topics and assist with public information efforts associated with health disparities in San Diego communities. Interns will participate in a 10-week curriculum designed to: 1) introduce students to topics on health disparities and biomedical research, 2) connect students with faculty and professional mentors, and 3) provide hands-on experience in writing articles for community-based print media. This internship is unpaid. However, students have the option to receive academic credit. Students will meet weekly, complete assigned readings, meet with mentors, keep a reflection journal, and write 2 articles related to health promotion, health disparities, or health research to be submitted to ethnic and community newspapers. After completing the program, students will be invited to participate in a presentation at the monthly research seminar for the Division of Child Development and Community Health.

To read articles written by students, click here.

This program is not currently accepting applications for 2012.


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