Graduate and Postdoctoral Students

Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • The UCSD CRCHD is proud to announce the CRCHD Postdoctoral Fellowship in Applied Research and Program Evaluation. Please download the application file for more information.

    New application and instructions coming soon.

Graduate Students

  • KaMala Thomas PhD KaMala Thomas
    KaMala Thomas PhD, was a graduate student supported by the original San Diego EXPORT Center. Under the direction of Dr. Joel Dimsdale, Professor of Psychiatry, Ms. Thomas completed a master's degree in public health with an emphasis in health promotion. She then completed the requirements for a PhD in Clinical Psychology at UCSD. A study that she conducted while completing her doctoral studies, "Job Strain, Ethnicity and Sympathetic Nervous System," examines the relationship between neighborhood socioeconomic status and alpha adrenergic responsiveness to an alpha agonist, phenylephrine. Dr. KaMala Thomas is currently conducting a postdoctoral fellowship at the Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology at UCLA.

  • Alisa Olshefsky Alisa Olshefsky
    The original San Diego EXPORT Center also supported Alisa Olshefsky, a SDSU Public Health Masters Student, through the HIV Core. Under the direction of HIV Core researcher, Mary Caffery, R.N., and Dr. Michael Peddecord graduate advisor at SDSU, Ms. Olshefsky concluded her master's thesis project which involved the modification of a continuous quality improvement (CQI) curriculum and teaching of a 40-hour workshop. The overall goal of his internship was to gain experience and skills necessary to develop and conduct community-based research in the field of health promotion and prevention. Ms. Olshefsky graduated in December of 2005 with a MPH from SDSU, GSPH in health services administration and immediately was hired as bureau chief for the chronic disease bureau of the Delaware State Health Department. Ms. Olshefsky wrote in a letter stating the impact our EXPORT Center had on her professional development: "Through my affiliation with the UCSD EXPORT Center I have gained the knowledge of health disparities and more importantly I have learned what part I can play as a change agent. Through the mentorship of the Center I have shifted my focus and am committed to applying my knowledge and skills to projects that have a focus on minority health and reduction in health disparities. In my new position as a section chief for the chronic disease bureau of the Delaware State Health Department I will work on programs and interventions that address health disparities among those of ethnic/racial minority groups."

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