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Diversity in Health Care Resources

General: - Foreign Trained Nurses, Doctors, & Medical Technicians with Licensing - Cultural Competency Web Resources

http:/// - The U.S. office of Minority Health - Bioethics Resources on the Web  - National Alliance For Hispanic Health - U.S. Department of Health & Human
Services - American Public Health Association - Association of Muslim Health Professionals - San Diego American Indian Health Center - Ethnomed - GLBT Health Access - Jewish Links to Health Care


Nurses: - American Nurses Association - Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego County, Inc. - San Diego Association of Hispanic Nurses - San Diego Black Nurses Association - National League for Nursing - Minority Nurse. Com - Nursing Center. Com All Nursing Schools Hadassah Nurses'


Physicians:  - American Medical Association - National Hispanic Medical Association  Physicians Practical Guide to Culurally
Competent Hlth Care - National Association of Doctors' - Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations - San Diego County Medical Society - American Association of  Physicians of Indian Origin - Chinese American Medical Society - Association of American Indian Physicians - International Association of Jewish Physicians - National Arab American Medical Association


Students: - UCSD Student Health Service - UCSD, San Diego Pre-Dental Society - American Medical Student Association - National Network of Latin American Medical Students - Student National Medical Association - UCSD Health & Medical Professions Preparation Program - Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association



Workplace Diversity Resources:

General: - Workplace Diversity



UCSD Diversity: - Diversity Matters @ UCSD - Student Associations - Staff Associations, etc. (Search: Diversity Education) (Search: Diversity) - University of California, Diversity

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