Student National Medical Association

Campus Activities Involving SNMA

Joint Activities with LMSA

  • Torrey Pines Hike - We welcomed our newest members to San Diego with a wonderful hike at the Torrey Pines National Park.  We enjoyed a beach-side lunch afterwards where we got to learn a little more about each other.  It was a great day!


Black History Month
A collaborative event involving many groups on the UCSD campus: the Black student union, Black Staff Association, African and African-American Studies Research Project, Thurgood Marshall College, La Jolla Music Society, UJIMA, and many others. Activities during the month are diverse and plentiful. There are concerts, art receptions, workshops, dance performances, and much more. SNMA usually hosts an event at the medical school campus, which brings together students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty and physicians in the community.

Second Look Weekend for Recently Accepted Students
Annual event for recently accepted students at UCSD School of Medicine that allows students to explore the UCSD campus. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities ranging from a movie night, exploring downtown San Diego, hiking at Torrey Pines, and bonfire at the beach. SNMA, LMSA, and LGBTQ+ student groups also host a dinner that allows accepted students to network with current medical students and faculty.

Meet and Greet Mixer with UCSD Medical Residents

Movie Screenings

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