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HFiT Logo Design Competition


The  contest to design an official logo for the clinic has been extended for a limited time! Cash prizes will be awarded to winning entries. Click here for more information, and enter the competition here.





Medical Fundraiser for David's Knee Surgery

A year ago, our patient David had surgery on his knee, but since then an infection has developed. His prosthesis must be removed to prevent dangerous complications. Although his health insurance covered the first surgery, it will not pay for a new prosthesis to maintain the function of his knee. Since recovering from drug addiction eight years ago, David maintains his sobriety through the practice of meditation, yoga, and martial arts. The loss of mobility in his left knee would be devastating to his mental and physical health. 


Join us in saving David's leg: donate here.




Fundraiser to support Yuki Iizuka


On May 16th, the UCSD community sustained a terrible loss, the passing of medical students Madison Cornwell and Anne Baldock. We would like to extend our deepest condolences to their families, and recognize the service that Anne gave to the HFiT clinic.

Medical student and HFiT volunteer Yuki Iizuka was injured as well. Click here to support Yuki and his family in this difficult time.





Mexican Migration Field Research Project

We are excited to announce that the application for the Mexican Migration Field Research Program (MMFRP) is now open.  Starting in fall of 2015, students will have the opportunity to combine academic coursework with the HFiT-UIP. This will allow a greater scope of education about issues at the intersection of health, education and migration and to engage in fieldwork in Baja California, Mexico. Students who choose the Health track will conduct their fieldwork by participating in the HFIT-UIP.

The deadline to apply is Monday, June 15th and an information session will be held on Tuesday, June 2nd at 6 PM in the Deutz room at the Institute of the Americas complex .




Coming to terms with the place we call home

In Act Two: Phone Home of this poignant episode of This American Life, Seth Freed Wessler reports on the lives of those deported from the United States to Mexico. This segment brings home many of the issues faced by the patients at the HFiT clinic; hear the story below:

This American Life: No Place Like Home




Education for better Global Health outcomes

HFiT believes in multinational, collaborative education in Global Health. In this article from Medscape Public Health, the importance and impact of such practices are discussed:

Global Health Volunteers: Educating for Change




New study shows area for improvement in HIV diagnosis

The HFiT clinic works to diagnose and treat those affected by HIV. This article describes a widespread lack of proper screening: 

In the Routine HIV Testing Era, Primary Care Physicians in Community Health Centers Remain Unaware of HIV Testing Recommendations.




The Lancet features Dr. Steffanie Strathdee's work in HIV prevention in Tijuana

Dr. Steffanie Strathdee: "called" to HIV prevention.

One of the founding members of HFiT and Associate Dean of Global Health Sciences at UCSD, Dr. Strathdee is a committed researcher with a focus in HIV prevention and harm reduction. Read about her work to help those affected by HIV/AlDS in Tijuana here.



UCSD's Guardian Newspaper publishes feature article on the HFiT Internship Program 

A New Frontier. Dr. Steffanie Strathdee and Daniel Yee speak about Health Frontiers in Tijuana, a free student-run health clinic in Tijuana, Mexico that began offering a new undergraduate internship this year... Read More   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Buzzfeed: HFiT Profiled in Article by John Stanton

For Mexicans in the U.S. sent "home" thanks to increased enforcement of American immigration laws, the country they're returning to is far more dangerous than the one they initially escaped. They wind up in border towns like Tijuana, Nogales, and Juarez, separated from their families, with no money, no identity, and nowhere to go.


It's still early in the morning when we get off the tram from San Diego at the official port of entry into Mexico in Tijuana... Read More




UCSD Global Health Initiative Student Spotlight: Student Coordinator Daniel Yee

The Health Frontiers in Tijuana (HFiT) clinic lies in the middle of a dusty street within walking distance of the red light districtinTijuana. At 10:00 am every Saturday, the doors to the clinic open and people from... Read More




HFiT featured on KPBS San Diego


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