Health Frontiers in Tijuana

October 2021. UCSD and UABC Medical and undergraduate students  in the HFiT clinic


Fall 2021. Dr. Burgos discusses a head CT scan with UCSD and UABC medical students during virtial clinic visits (June 2021)

Fall 2021. UCSD HFiT student leader and UABC medical student in consultation at the HFiT clinic with Dr. Burgos 

Family Medicine resident discusses a clinical case with UCSD students 

Dr. Castañeda (HFiT attending) and UCSD medical students providing medical care to a migrant  in the HFiT Clinic 

November 2021. Dr. Castañeda in consultation with UCSD and UABC students and student online via Zoom at the HFiT Clinic 

UCSD students prepare equipment for virtual student's participation from UCSD and UABC in one of the medical consultation area in HFiT 

UCSD and UABC students learn about surgical procedures with Dr. Cardona at the HFIT Clinic 

November 2021. Medical student evaluates a patient while a UCSD undegraduate scribes in the Electronic Medical Record.  

October 2021. Dr. Burgos provides emergency care to a migrant with the assistance of a UCSD Medical student 

Hybrid pre clinic meeting with in-person and virtual participation of UCSD and UABC Medical and Undergraduate students 

November 2021. Post Clinic reflection with UCSD and UABC HFiT students 


UCSD and UABC Medical students learn about point of care ultrasound at the HFiT clinic (Fall 2021)

HFiT Volunteer nurse and medical student provide emergency care to a patient outside of the HFiT Clinic (November 2021)

Fall 2021. UCSD and UABC medical and undergraduate students in action at the HFiT Clinc

Migrants arrive at the HFiT clinic (Fall 2021)

Dr. Castaneda (HFiT attending physician) and medical student provide emergency care to a migrant outside the HFiT clinic

Dr. Castaneda (HFiT attending physician) and UCSD/UABC Medical students assisting a migrant outside the HFiT Clinic 

Migrants camp outside the HFiT Clinic in Padre Chava Soup Kitchen (December 2021) 




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