Health Frontiers in Tijuana

Services Offered

Medical Services: The HFiT clinic offers a variety of free services to the underserved in the Tijuana-San Diego region. We provide basic outpatient services, including:

  • Primary and Preventative Care
  • Health Education and Awareness
  • Social Work and Counseling (bi-weekly)
  • Rapid Testing for STIs, Glucose, and Pregnancy
  • Specialty Care and Referrals
  • Minor Medical Procedures
  • Limited Prescription Medications

HFiT's staff is comprised of physicians who all hold a Doctor of Medicine or an equivalent degree from another country. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care to you.

Prevention Programs: Health Frontiers in Tijuana actively supports non-profits that offer community prevention programs

Social Work and Counseling: HFiT's services include free mental health assessments, including individual, family, and group therapy. Under the supervision of a licensed clinician, students from the UABC School of Mental Health program provide walk-in services at the clinic on weekly basis. Following a collaborative care model, therapist work together with medical students and doctors to take a biophsychosocial approach towards health.  

Education and Training for Medical and Undergraduate Students: HFiT serves as an educational institution, imparting Global Health undegraduate and medical students practical training and experience in healthcare for the underserved. Under the supervision of HFiT clinicians, UCSD Global Health Students and Medical Students are elgible to take GLBH111, a Global Health Experential Learning Program. Undegraduate and Binational Medical students play the roles of health community advocate, health educator, clinic administrator, and global public health researchers. The HFiT clinic also offers an undergraduate internship program for UCSD undergraduate students. Undergraduates assist in patient intake and registration, vitals, and participate in consultations as physician shadowers.

Research: HFiT is supported by the UCSD Global Health Program. The HFiT clinic serves as a research site for ongoing studies on migrant, deportee, substance user, and sex worker health. We seek to identify the causes of healthcare disparities among vulnerable populations and to develop strategies to increase the underserved's access to care.  

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