Health Frontiers in Tijuana

Forms and Waivers

Necessary paperwork required for participation in the HFiT-UIP and HFiT-SIP are below.  Students should complete the following forms before their first site visit.  

  • HIPPA Privcay Module
  • CITI Training
  • Liability Waiver
  • Travel Form


Completion of this training is mandatory for participation in the HFiT-UIP or HFiT-SIP.  Through the link below HFiT participants should read the 17 page document, sign the confidentiality waiver, and complete the HIPAA Privacy Post Test.  Both the signed waiver and the post test should be turned in prior to the first clinic visit.    


For students to participate in research projects at HFiT they must complete a basic bio-medical training through the CITI training.  This training takes 2-3 hours to complete and will provide comprehensive training on research ethics.


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