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Radiology Interest Group


 RADIG serves as a hub for students interested in learning more about radiology, who are seeking research opportunities, and who wish to form connections with like-minded colleagues.

RADIG was formed in 2008 by a group of first year medical students. Our purpose is to introduce the incoming classes to the field of radiology by inviting radiologists and residents to share their experiences, offering shadowing programs, and promoting research opportunities with UCSD's leading faculty members. We will place emphasis on educating medical students about the innovative opportunities available in Radiology and on understanding the central role of imaging and radiological intervention in patient care.

We encourage you to explore the events and opportunities pages for ways to become involved.


Mary Creedon
Co-president (2017-2018)
Claire Meriwether
Co-president (2017-2018)
Anthony Yip
Co-president (2017-2018)


Aileen Chang
Co-president (2016-2017)
Nicola Kronstadt
Co-president (2016-2017)
Kane Okamoto
Co-president (2015-2016)
Joanne Bae
Co-president (2014-2016)



Camille Malatt
Co-president (2013-2014)
Neil Panjwani
Co-president (2013-2014)
Mazen Zawaideh
Co-president (2011-2013)
Alexander Ushinsky
Co-president (2011-2013)





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