Student National Medical Association

SNMA Annual Conferences

The Student National Medical Association hosts various conferences/workshops throughout the year. In order to attend any of these events, students must register and become a member of SNMA. To do this please visit:

National Leadership Institute
The National Leadership Institute (NLI) takes place three times each year. NLI occurs over a weekend and involves SNMA and MAPS (Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students) members from all over the country. Members come together to participate in workshops focused on organizationaladvancement, leadership training and project development. Typically, in addition to general sessions, there are tracks specifically for various member groups e.g. board members and pre-medical students. For more information on the program and future NLI dates please go to:

Regional Conference
The Regional Conference is opportunity for members of different SNMA chapters within a region to come together, learn and unite. Each conference consists of a series of workshops, opportunities for networking, notable speakers and community service projects. The UCSD SNMA Chapter is part of Region I. For more information on the next Region I conference:

National Conference
The National Conference is similar to a Regional Conference however it involves all regions and chapters within the country. It is a unique opportunity to come together, network and learn from/about other chapters/regions. For information on the next National Conference go to:



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