SOM Mentors

Mentorship to premeds is only limited by the number of med student mentors that we have volunteer.
If you are interested and have not already signed on as a Mentor, please email today!

The Details

We invite students who self-identify as disadvantaged and/or under-represented and send a spread sheet with their demographics, medical interests and hobbies to volunteer mentors, who then indicate who they would like to be paired with or allow themselves to be placed with any premed.

We provide for the premeds one skill-building event per quarter, followed by an hour long socializing/networking hour with their trusty mentors and faculty.  To show our respect for your time, we almost always provide a meal for you so that you can socialize/network with the mentees while taking care of one of your needs as well.

Lastly, the amount of involvement is flexible and up to you, which makes this a feasible volunteer opportunity for medical students. Premeds will email you questions occasionally as they arise, and will work around YOUR schedule to meet with you for lunch, etc.

Nervous you don't know enough?? HA! You applied and have started medical school, thus you are automatically qualified. AND, if you're still nervous, we'll offer an optional training in the Fall to familiarize you with the undergrad campus resources, so you can point students in the right directions if/when you don't know the answer.  Also see the Mentor Resource Tool on the left.

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