Latino Medical Student Association

Border Health Project at UCSD

The Border Health Project (BHP) is a student-run organization at UCSD's School of Medicine, which was founded by the Latino Medical Student Association in 2006 under the principal that everyone deserves access to preventative and basic health care. BHP strives to improve the health and wellbeing of one of the most marginalized and underserved communities in San Diego County: migrant farmworkers. Our patients live in outdoor tents and work long hours in labor intensive jobs that ultimately result in repetitive stress injuries and chronic illnesses.

Health fairs are held quarterly, bringing together volunteer physicians, dentists, nurses, medical students, pharmacy students, UCSD undergraduates, and community leaders, in order to provide health education, resources, and health screenings for migrant workers in farms around Fallbrook. BHP partners with Vista Community Clinic in order to facilitate referrals of high-risk patients and to increase access to longitudinal care. 

The BHP is made possible by the generosity of local physicians, dentists, nurses and medical students who dedicate their time and resources toward the care of migrant workers. For more information on the BHP, please view the official website at          


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