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Philbin, Morgan M., et al. “State-Level Immigration and Immigrant-Focused Policies as Drivers of Latino Health Disparities in the United States.” Social Science & Medicine, vol. 199, 2018, pp. 29–38., doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2017.04.007.

Vargas, Edward D., et al. “Latinos’ Connections to Immigrants: How Knowing a Deportee Impacts Latino Health.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 45, no. 15, 2018, pp. 2971–2988., doi:10.1080/1369183x.2018.1447365.

December 7, 2016 - Public Health Reviews                                                                                                                                       "Hispanic health in the USA: a scoping review of the literature"                                                                                         

Avilés-Santa, M. Larissa, et al. “Personalized Medicine and Hispanic Health: Improving Health Outcomes and Reducing Health Disparities – a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Workshop Report.” BMC Proceedings, vol. 11, no. S11, 2017, doi:10.1186/s12919-017-0079-4.

October 21, 2013 - ScienceDaily
"Changing the Common Rule to Increase Minority Voices in Research"

August 16, 2013 - Aljazeera America
"Suicides Highlight Plight of Hispanic Teens"

July 8, 2013 - CBS News
"Mexico Takes Title of 'Most Obese' From America"

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