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Latinx Initiative:

Latinx Premed Initiative – Becoming a Medical Hispanic Serving Institution

This new prorgram aims to provide Latinx premedical students at UCSD structured guidance and review in completing the AMCAS application, personal statement, eliciting strong letters of reference, presentation and interviewing skills, academic, cultural and financial support. This year-long program offers mentorship, sessions throughout the academic year, and MCAT stipend. Applications will open in Fall 2020. STAY TUNED! 


LMSA Conferences:

Each quarter, LMSA West hosts a conference that promotes and educates the community about Latinxs in health care. The conference brings together medical students, undergraduates, physicians, and other health professionals from across the western region of the United States. The UCSD School of Medicine LMSA chapter recruits and supports students to attend these events.

*New* Fall 2020: West Regional LMSA Conference (virtual; Spring 2021). Joint UCI/OHSU

Spring 2020: UC Irvine
Winter 2020: ATSU-SOMA
Fall 2019: UC Davis

Community Outreach:

Our partnerships with San Diego organizations, such as Border Angels, works directly to support the local San Diego community, as well as immigrants and their health.

Spanish Tables

The UCSD School of Medicine LMSA chaper hosts weekly/bi-weekly Spanish Tables, where medical students of all Spanish language proficiencies practice their medical Spanish skills with eachother and mock patients (Chicanx/Latinx for Community Medicine members; UCSD pre-health organization).  

Café con Leche:

The UCSD School of Medicine LMSA chapter hosts bimonthly lunch talks with Latinx physicians to discuss their personal journey in medical education and the importance of diversity in medicine.

Spanish Intercambio Socials:

The UCSD School of Medicine LMSA chapter promotes community building among medical students by allowing social time for us to practice our Spanish-speaking skills. All levels of Spanish speakers are welcomed. We hope to raise awareness and advocate for the importance of Spanish in medical care.

Annual Practice Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Event for Undergraduate Students:

The UCSD School of Medicine LMSA chapter hosts an annual practice session to help current and future medical school applicants, particularly non-traditional applicants, underrepresented minorities, and students from disadvantaged backgrounds by simulating the MMI experience of the medical school admissions process. Participants have the opportunity to practice their MMI skills and will receive feedback to improve their interview skills in their preparation for medical school interviews.

LMSA Sponsored Cultural Festivities: Día Muertos Celebration, Cesar Chavez Day

We celebrate Latinx culture and heritage!


For more information about the UCSD School of Medicine LMSA chapter, please email

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