Latino Medical Student Association

Health Frontiers in Tijuana

About the HFiT Clinic:

Founded in 2011, the Health Frontiers in Tijuana Student-Run Free Clinic (HFiT) is a partnership between UCSD and the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. It offers global public health learning opportunities to UCSD faculty and students just 30 minutes fromthe La Jolla Campus. The HFiT Clinic is located adjacent to the world’s busiest international border and is the first trulyBinational student-run free clinic in the Mexico-US borderregion. The clinic is located in Tijuana's Zona Norte, and serves vulnerable populations.

Medical students can participate in HFiT in the MED239 elective, where they will learn about Mexican health systems and principles and practices of global health as they design and implement health education and screening programs. Under faculty supervision, students will learn how to take histories and perform physical education as well as administration, health education and leadership.

HFiT Clinic’s Goals:

  • To provide education, research, mentorship and service opportunities in global health and other disciplines
  • To serve as an incubator for student-led research
  • To provide access to care to vulnerable persons
  • To deliver evidence-based medicine in a low resource setting

If you would like to become involved and participate in MED239 as a medical student and learn more about HFiT, please view the official website at

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