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"Hierarchy of Oppression" Activity - Intersections of LGBTQ Health2015 Orientation Week Workshop
(L) "Hierarchy of Oppression" Activity - Intersections of LGBTQ Health, Fall 2015.
(R) 2015 Orientation Week Workshop Leaders
Thursdays starting 10 September 2015
A discussion-based course at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine that aims to increase awareness of LGBTQIA issues among health care professionals-in-training in order to ameliorate the disparity in the quality of care attributed to  discrimination, prejudice, and lack of specific knowledge in healthcare settings related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual behavior.
LGBTQ+ Health Orientation Week Workshop
Initiated Fall Quarter 2015
A one hour interactive workshop for all incoming medical students at UC San Diego. This workshop encourages discussion of internal bias, representation, and clinical cases in a safe environment.
LGBTQ Curriculum Committee
Established Spring Quarter 2015
Committee of students and faculty members invested in improving standing pre-clinical curricula to implement topics surrounding sexual, gender, racial, and ethnic minorities - and the intersections therein. Special focuses on Practice of Medicine (POM) and Problem Based Learning (PBL) threads. 
Making Medicine Equal Conference (link)
Saturday, 24. October 2015
It is the mission of this conference to educate health professionals, promote interdisciplinary collaboration, and inspire advocacy to tackle a spectrum of health inequities for our current and future patients. The conference will equip health professionals with actionable tools to implement change in their training and careers.
Donate to the fundraising campaign here.


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