Taken at SoCal LGBTQ Health Conference 2019 

Welcome to the LGBTQ-PhaM website!

Purpose: The mission of LGBTQ-PhaM is to forge community among LGBTQ individuals, to foster professional relationships for LGBTQ students and allies, and to confront LGBTQ health disparities through education and advocacy. In working towards these goals, LGBTQ-PhaM hopes to empower the voices of transgender and gender non-conforming folks, people of color, women, and the LGBTQIA+ Community. We hope to create a unified space that includes LGBTQ-identified and allied students from both the School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy (hence the "Pha" and "M" in "PhaM").
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Co-Chairs of 2019-2020:

Stephen Calderon (School of Medicine)

Anthony Diomino (School of Medicine)

Chance Dunbar (School of Medicine)

Althea Hansel (School of Medicine)

Lee Hsieh (School of Medicine)

Patrick Loehr (School of Medicine)

Sid Machiraju (School of Medicine)

Laura Nerb (School of Medicine)

Chelsea Oey (School of Pharmacy)

Jenna Powell (School of Medicine)

Diana Smith (School of Medicine)

Daniel Suto (School of Medicine)

Jessica Yen (School of Medicine)



Additionally, we are part of the diversity coalition within the medical school campus, including:
- Muslim Medical Student Association



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