ISP Handbook

Elective Credit

There are no minimum or maximum requirements for receiving elective credit while working on the ISP.  If a student wishes to receive academic credit for research or reading time, he/she must obtain the signature of a faculty member on an add/drop card.  Before the ISP proposal is approved, credit is granted through each department's 296 course offering.  After approval of the proposal, students may enroll in departmental 299 (ISP) courses.  Terry Elfalan in the OSA can help students complete enrollment in independent study.  It is important that the faculty member signing the student's add/drop card meet with the student during the quarter to discuss work to be accomplished during the quarter and the appropriate number of credit hours.  The faculty member must also complete a Grade Report form and submit an evaluation of the student's work at the end of each quarter.  Students should be aware, however, that if they plan to graduate in four years and take their three months of allowed vacation time in the fourth year, ISP time in the fourth year should occupy no more than 8 weeks (2 months) in order to meet California State licensure requirements.


In accordance with Academic Senate requirements, a faculty member acting as ISP Chair or as a course director for a 296/299 elective (e.g. independent reading, laboratory or preceptorship elective or for time spent working on the ISP) must have the appropriate instructional title (e.g. salaried UCSD School of Medicine professor, professor in residence, professor of clinical __, clinical professor and adjunct professor).


NOTE: Voluntary faculty may serve on the student's ISP committee and often serve an important role in the ISP; however, they are not eligible to act as ISP Chairs or award academic credit for 296/299 elective courses.


Questions about this policy may be directed to the ISP Coordinator (858-534-1486 or or the Electives Coordinator (858-534-5764

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