ISP Handbook

Selecting Your ISP Committee

One important part of the ISP process is selecting the ISP Committee. The Committee consists of a chair and two other faculty members. The first step in choosing a Committee is to select the chair, who must have an appropriate UCSD School of Medicine faculty appointment. In accord with Academic Senate requirements, a faculty member chairing a student’s ISP must have the appropriate instructional title (e.g. salaried UCSD School of Medicine professor, professor in residence, professor of clinical ___, clinical professor and adjunct professor of any rank.) Voluntary faculty are not eligible to sign on as chair, although they may serve on the student's committee. Please contact the ISP coordinator to confirm that the faculty member selected is eligible to serve as ISP Chair. Students should identify the faculty member with whom they would like to work most closely and make an appointment to discuss a potential project. While many faculty members will be informed about the ISP and may have supervised projects before, they may not have the latest information about ISPs. Students should have prospective ISP chairs review this Handbook to provide them with a guide to faculty responsibilities.

Often the ISP chair will have suggestions of other faculty who would be appropriate as the additional members of the ISP Committee. These faculty might also have some knowledge of the area in which the student is working, and/or they might have complementary skills or knowledge not possessed by the chair that would aid the student in the completion of the project. A student should then approach these faculty members individually, asking them to participate as committee members.

While the ISP committee members are generally UCSD faculty, someone outside of UCSD may serve as a committee member. A curriculum vitae (CV) of any non-faculty committee member must be provided with the project proposal. The names and signatures of the committee members are submitted with the ISP proposal.

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