ISP Handbook


There are 12 steps to the ISP process. The student must fill out forms 1-4. Once forms 1-4 are completed, forms 5-10 will be initiated, to be completed by ISP committee members and Elective Committee. Forms 11-12 are to submit your final ISP and eScholarship. Once forms are submitted, they cannot be changed.

If changes are needed, please contact the ISP coordinator.

 Link to forms: ISP Tracker Site

Forms to be submitted by student:

  • Form 1 — ISP Chair Declaration  (Deadline: March 1st of third year)
  • Form 2 — Committee Member Declaration A
  • Form 3 — Committee Member Declaration B
  • Form 4 — Project Information & Written Proposal

Forms 2-4 are due May 1st of third year. 

Forms to be submitted by ISP Committee: 

  • Form 5 — Committee Member Approval A
  • Form 6 — Committee Member Approval B
  • Form 7 — Chair Approval Statement
  • Form 7a — Human/Animal Subjects Investigation (only needed if you are using human or animal subjects)

Steps Forms 5-7 are due May 1st of third year. 

Review Process: 

After the above forms are completed two Electives Committee members and the Electives Committee Chair will review your ISP.

  • Form 8 — Electives Committee Member A Review
  • Form 9 — Electives Committee Member B Review
  • Form 10 — Electives Committee Chair Review

Forms to submit with completed ISP: 

Please refer to the "Completing the ISP" page for full instructions.

  • Form 11 — Final ISP & eScholarship
  • Form 12 — eScholarship: Chair Approval

ISP Exemption Forms: 

ISP Exemption- Dual Degree

ISP Exemption- Research Year

Students in the following programs do not need to submit an Exemption form: 

Complete your Exemption Form here: ISP Tracker Site

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