ISP Handbook


Dual Degree pursued while in medical school

Students who complete the Medical Scientist Training Program or who complete a Master's or advanced degree program while enrolled at UCSD School of Medicine (PRIME or MAS) may have their completed work (thesis or thesis equivalent) accepted in lieu of an ISP.  Students who enroll in a non-UCSD degree program must submit a transcript with the degree posted upon successful completion of the program to the SOM Registrar.  These students do not currently need to fill out an ISP Exemption Form.

Students completing a Master's or advanced degree program outside of the MSTP, PRIME, or MAS programs should submit a "Request for ISP Exemption-Dual Degree" form in the ISP Tracking Site by the ISP proposal deadline (May 1, third year).

Independent Research while in medical school

Occasionally students may elect to spend one or more years conducting research, generally through formal programs offered via HHMI, CDC, NIH, etc.  A student wishing such work to be accepted in lieu of a traditional ISP should first discuss the option with the Associate Dean for UGME.  The student should then submit a "Request for ISP Exemption-Research Year" form in the ISP Tracking Site by the ISP proposal deadline (May 1, third year) and prior to the date the research is to begin.

If a student has been approved to use this research to fulfill the ISP requirement, the student will be expected to submit the following items to the ISP Tracking Site:

  • Provide biannual progress reports.
  • Provide a final progress report that outlines the details of the research undertaken and the specific role of the student in the research project.
  • Obtain a final evaluation from the principal preceptor/mentor.
  • Prior to graduation, provide a copy of any publications/reports that result from the work.

Note: Work done prior to matriculation at UCSD School of Medicine (including that involved in the completion of advanced degrees) does not satisfy the ISP requirement.  Such work is permissable as a starting point for additional study but cannot stand alone as an acceptable ISP.

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