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ISP Handbook

What is the Role of the ISP Committee?

It is the function of the three-member committee to oversee the ISP and assist the student as needed.  The committee is responsible for providing the student with advice and supervision.  Each member of the committee should review the proposal in depth before it is submitted to the Electives Committee for review.  The committee also determines the standards that must be met by the student.  It is expected that the student and the committee will meet as a group, usually near the inception of the ISP and again prior to the completion of the final project.  As the final project is evaluated only by the ISP committee, acceptance of the project is the ISP committee's decision and responsibility.  The Electives Committee does not evaluate the completed ISP, only the ISP proposal.  The ISP committee has the exclusive right and responsibility to determine when the ISP has been satisfactorily completed.  Hence, each member of the ISP committee is required to read the final project and provide a written evaluation to the UGME office by April 1 of the student's fourth year.  It is also the responsibility of the committee to identify and, hopefully, prevent problems that may prevent the timely completion of the ISP.  Problems that have occurred in the past include unavailability of study materials or equipment.  Such problems need to be identified as early as possible and changes to the ISP implemented accordingly.

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